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La Nuit Rose Couture (Ladies 100ml EDP) Fragrance World

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Description from Fragrance World:

Fragrance World La Nuit Rose Couture , a mystical and magical fragrance for ladies , leads to sensual ecstasy. He is able to strike into the very soul, leaving an indelible mark on it. The first impression of the majestic eau de parfum is created by a touching combination of sour raspberries and the quirky cut of a classic rose. Paying tribute to traditions, the middle phase is captivated by the floral melodies of the usual jasmine, the mysterious amon flower and the tune of the unsurpassed pink pepper. The base of the composition evokes a trio of velvety vanilla, reckless cedar and a delightful burst of musk. All elements of creation tell a story of love and true devotion under the shadow of a fragrance that evokes the best feelings in every woman.

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates